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Sudden Fame and Photos of Your Junk

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‘You aint seen nothing yet, Queeny’.

It’s all over the news today that Kate Middleton’s sister, Pippa, went topless during a holiday with Kate and Will in Ibiza five years ago. There just happened to be a few (probably thousand) photographers floating around nearby to take some happy snaps.

There’s a few glaring questions; like why the hell didn’t she contemplate the amount of paps obviously around (duh), and is it actually cool to get your norgs out in front of your sister’s boyfriend? But there’s also another issue:

How do you plan for sudden fame?

Yes, everyone wants to be famous. If Gen Y has taught us anything it’s that we deserve it. But what happens if you’re indirectly made famous, like Pippa? She didn’t marry into the royal family, however now she’s an instant celebrity thanks to sibling association and her arse hugging bridesmaid dress – seriously, you think Kate would have said, ‘Oi, ya can’t wear that sis, I’m the one who’s gonna be the stinkin Queen!’ Even their brother has had some awkward photos published by the media.

I have four sisters. It made me wonder, would I be ready if one of them suddenly met Prince Harry in a bar and went on to marry him? What pictures are floating around of me out there buried on Facebook, or in someone’s old picture file on their computer? I mean I’ve done some ridiculous things. Is there photo evidence? After my little sister walks down the isle of Westminster would these pics suddenly get dug up and everyone sees me dancing on a car roof blind out of my scone? Do any ex-girlfriends have some of ‘those’ kind of pictures of me? I don’t know?? I can’t remember every time a camera snapped! Maybe there are??!!

With the amount of pictures constantly getting taken with digital cameras these days I’ll bet every one of us has some embarrassing photos in the possession of friends and acquaintances. We even do it to ourselves, like we want it to happen. Every now and then I see pictures published to Facebook on friend’s walls that show them in an undesirable or raunchy light. I always think, ‘Oooh, that could come back to bite them’. Should we censor all of these just in case? In this age of mass information storage, unless we live like monks on top of a mountain there’s no way for it not to happen – and even then I’m sure there would be a pic somewhere of your monk’s robe over your head passed out on cask wine.

Seriously, if one of my friends suddenly became famous and I could get 10 grand for a photo of them vomiting on themselves I wouldn’t even hesitate – Ka-ching!

Have a think about it. Are you fame ready? Any photos, movies, drunk booty-call voice recordings that could come back to embarrass your new royal family?

2 Responses

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  1. You haven’t met my sister. I have no concerns that anyone famous will marry her – ever. Thankfully for me, this means I can continue to behave badly and take photographic evidence with abandon.

    An Observant Mind

    July 5, 2011 at 9:54 am

  2. Heh. Norgs.


    July 23, 2011 at 4:29 am

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